Waveonics’ Blake Nelson At GraphConnect San Francisco

Blake Nelson
On October 13, 2016 Blake Nelson, founder of Waveonics, LLC and Adjunct Professor Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), presented at Neo4j’s GraphConnect convention in San Francisco. Neo4j is used by thousands of organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies in order to build applications that connect data in new and innovative ways. Mr. Nelson has been assessing the functionality and performance of Neo4j for Agero, Inc., a leader in the roadside service industry.

Recent advances in mobile device sensors, GPS location services, communication technology, crowdsourced data acquisition, affordable cloud storage, machine learning, and data analytics, has opened the door to an exciting world of new services. Capitalizing on these opportunities requires that providers continually organize, store, manage, access, and update terabytes of information efficiently. They need databases that are powerful enough to model the complexities of the business environment and easy to modify as the environment evolves – without sacrificing the performance demanded by data analytics. Waveonics is working with Agero Mobile to explore and validate the use of graphical databases (Neo4j) to drive Agero’s mission of delivering a “holistic approach [which] helps anticipate and meet customers’ needs in a way that forms lasting connections with them.” Agero is building on Neo4j to further its leadership position in the automotive, insurance, finance and roadside service industries.

Video of Blake Nelson’s presentation will become available soon, at which point we will share it with you, so keep checking back!


Thursday Night – Wayves at EforAll Maker’s Pitch in Lowell

Wayves at EforAll

Our new program Wayves is one of the finalists in the Lowell Entrepreneurship For All (EforAll) Maker’s Pitch Contest! Come check out our presentation along with the other finalists’ this Thursday night (September 25, 2014) in Lowell, MA and then vote for your favorite! The event is being held at the Onyx Room, located at 122 Western Ave. It starts at 6pm and goes until 8pm.

Wayves is a community-driven project meant to collect and simplify information that boater’s need aboard their vessels. It crowdsources the information and puts it all right in your hand on your mobile device. Using it, you can learn how others are experiencing their time on the water, and share what you find and do as well. Everything is automatically updated in real time to give you the most pertinent information as it happens.

For more information about EforAll, or to purchase your tickets to this event, check out the EforAll website!