Our vessels are where we immerse ourselves into the flowing forces of the world around us. Whether boating, diving, fishing, or just being, we understand the boating experience is worth every minute and every dollar we invest.

We love to share these moments with others too. We form dive clubs, fishing clubs and yacht clubs. We blog our experiences, post photos of our sunsets, we tweet moonrise inspired thoughts. We share our discoveries of hot fishing grounds, gnarly waves breaking in a secluded surf spot, or the availability of a free mooring in a crowded anchorage.

The ways of the waves are better to be shared. That is why we have developed Wayves!

Wayves brings the connections between boaters to the next level. Both a navigational tool and a social network, Wayves connects the boating community in revolutionary new ways. We connect boaters to other boaters. We connect boaters with up-to-date information. We connect boaters with the marinas, retailers, service providers, and tradespeople that boaters depend on.

  • Wayves users show each other where to find available moorings, places to refuel, the status of local pump-out stations and more
  • Wayves users alert others about dangerous water conditions or unexpected boating hazards
  • Fishermen, divers, and whale watchers can annotate and share newly discovered hot spots
  • Wayves users can see and communicate with each other to share lore, advice, recommendations, or meet up for a waterside meal

Wayves is being developed by members of the boating community for the boating community. So we’re turning to the community to help us make Wayves. If you are a boater or involved with boaters, please share with us your thoughts and opinions!